Ripped Jeans
First of all, I'm a black girl with natural hair who keeps up with my Tumblr. If you know where that came from we should be friends. My blog is a beautiful mix of personal posts and pictures. I love love love Beyonce. And I love me some Childish Gambino/Donald Glover. I also like a lot of other stuff. I attend FAMU and one day I'm going to be as as I see in my head. Feel free to talk to me! I love talking. Oh by the way my name is Ellen!
My Tumblr Crushes:theelectricrelaxation (5%)sachanotsofierce (5%)chocolatehighhh (4%)goodlifexx (4%)candiceandherself (3%)imjustmygodgivenname (3%)highthoughts-blueskies (3%)simbadavinci (2%)partyhard-chelseanicole (2%)
  1. My Tumblr Crushes:
    1. theelectricrelaxation (5%)
    2. sachanotsofierce (5%)
    3. chocolatehighhh (4%)
    4. goodlifexx (4%)
    5. candiceandherself (3%)
    6. imjustmygodgivenname (3%)
    7. highthoughts-blueskies (3%)
    8. simbadavinci (2%)
    9. partyhard-chelseanicole (2%)
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